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Sell Your Car for Cash in Dover

Selling an old car privately has its own challenges. Right from the time you put up your advertisement in local classifieds, you start getting numerous calls. You also start allowing strangers to test drive your vehicle and allow their repairmen and mechanics to inspect. And through the entire process you need to keep the car squeaky clean with a hope to get the best price. Price negotiation starts in the next phase once you have shortlisted a handful of potential buyers. If you are good with negotiation you probably are at an advantage. It does not end here, once you have made the deal, you would need to complete the paperwork yourself.

If this is something that worries you, check us out. We are the leading purchaser of old cars in Dover offering excellent cash for car. We deal with all types of cars, trucks, SUVs or all makes, model, and condition and pay the best possible price for your old car.

We have, in fact, redefined the car selling process in Dover altogether with a simple 3 step process to come with your car and walk home with the cash. Contact us now for a visit, and fill in a form with some basic details about your car like VIN, Licence plate

We will have your car evaluated by our experts right in front of you and make you an offer. You accept the offer, and we will provide you the cheque the same day. To make it even easier, we will also take care of the paperwork.

We provide excellent value for High Mileage cars, 2006 up cars, Damaged cars, and even junk cars. In fact, we have bought more junk cars in Dover than anyone else.

Let us know if you are considering a trade in. We will provide a better value and buy your car the same day.

Sounds good? Write to us or send an email. We will contact you at the soonest and even tow-in your vehicle if required.

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