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Helpful Hints From The 5 Best Car Dealer Blogs ,In today’s busy world there is only so much time to learn and study what you need to know to save money on your next new car. Luckily, there are hundreds of blogs online where their authors have gone to great lengths to find valuable information and compile it for easy reading. Here are the 5 Best Car Dealer Blogs for you to enjoy and learn from.

The Beach Ford Blog from Myrtle Beach

This is an all-around informative blog that serves many purposes. It has great articles on everything from how to get the dog hair out of your upholstery to the latest new car colors from Ford for 2019. You can learn that the Ford GT is outselling the expectations for the new year and they are increasing production to meet the demand. That also means you’ll have a hard time finding the exact model you desire since there are limited numbers at the dealerships, for now.

There are also helpful hints on programming your FOB for the alarm in your Ford, the history of the Ford Ranger, and working with all of the new Ford technology like the SYNC systems that come in all new Fords today. You can find this blog at

The Kings Ford Inc. Blog

The Kings Ford blog takes a different approach with more articles about finding the right dealership for buying pre-owned cars and why they are the top choice in Ohio for buying a new Ford. This blog is more sale oriented and nearly every article is pointed towards buying a new or used car from this particular dealer. Still, the blog at has some great content that is useful if you’re in the market to buy a car now.

The Beach Mazda Blog

This Mazda blog is quite varied and has information on saving the planet with electric cars in the future. It also ventures into new technologies like G-Vectoring that helps drivers be more alerted to every contingency possible as they drive down the road. It can help stop a car from being nudged off the road by a series of bumps and ruts, a valuable safety feature for sure. The Beach Mazda blog can be found here: for more interesting information. Great information from the 5 best car dealer blogs.

The Motor World Toyota Blog

This blog has useful information on keeping your winter maintenance up to date before the cold snaps hit in your area. It spends a good portion of time educating their readers on the various fluids that each car has that could be susceptible to freezing temperatures in the winter months and how to winterize them.

There are some great comparison articles showing the differences in towing capacity, reliability, economy, and other factors between the Dodge Ram 1500 and the Toyota Tundra. It’s interesting to note that the Toyota can tow over 2,000 more lbs. than the Dodge and that Toyota pays for two years of scheduled maintenance while Dodge pays for none. There are a lot of interesting facts to consider and they are all easily found here on this blog:

The Mills Buick GMC Blog

This blog offers lots of interesting tips for all kinds of people, those that own cars and those that don’t. This can be helpful for many people that are just now considering buying a car but have so far avoided it due to various reasons. There is also some advice on how to survive a road trip with your spouse and kids, and what to do to keep everyone busy along the way.

If you’re needing a new car, you can get tips on getting the best deal from a new car dealer. But, you’ll have to be aware that some of their information in this article is geared toward getting you into their showroom and helping you buy from them. Still, there are tips on why you should look at the cars already on their lots for the best prices rather than having them order a car from the factory or grab it from another local dealer.

If you’re considering buying a new car, you can’t go wrong by getting tips from as many local car dealer blogs as you can. Hopefully these 5 best car dealer blogs list has been helpful in getting you started in the right direction.

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