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I can give you an excellent reason as to why you want to sell away your junk or used car at the earliest. A new car, with all the latest features you had ever dreamt off, is going to hit the markets shortly.  And you are all excited to bring the car, into your garage. This will happen only if you free up the garage space. And you will have to do away with your junk car.
Let me provide you with eco-friendly ways of disposing your junk cars

Think about your environment
You may have umpteen number of reasons to dispose of your junk cars. But just think of your dear environment, for a while. Do you want the junk car, to end up in a land-fill, thereby contaminating land, air or water around you? Or could you think of a convenient way of selling your vehicle and making cash, spot on? Dumping your car in a junk yard is just going to be a sheer waste. As a matter of fact, more than 60% of your vehicle can actually be re-cycled or reused.

Get a fuel economy car for yourself
If you are a hard-core environmentalist and want to protect the precious resources like land, air or water, this is a very good opportunity to sell your junk cars for cash.
Just in case, you old car emits too much of fume and bad odour gases, it is better, you dispose of the vehicle. When you have an amazing market for used cars, why not make the best use of it? If contaminated gases emitted by your old car mixes with the atmosphere, huge amount of carbon di oxide, carbon mono oxide and harmful nitrates get mixed with the air, you actually breathe. The better option for you to do is, give away the vehicle to a used cars dealer. You can earn hot cash for junk cars New Jersey. This is another fabulous eco-friendly reason, to do away with your old car.

Do you want to donate your car?
Are you an environment as well as a people friendly person? Then you can think of donating your junk or old cars, to charity organizations, who work tirelessly for the upliftment of the under-privileged sections of the society.
But, while you think of donating your car, to a charity organization, you need to possess documents pertaining to the complete ownership of your car. And once you are done away with the car, you need to relinquish all claims to the title of your car.

Best options to do away with your used car
If you think of disposing your car in eco-friendly ways and also earn some hot cash in the process, you can look for a reputed second hand car dealer. You can use this money, to fund the purchase of your brand new car, or dine with your family, in style.

Fair price
While scouting for a junk car dealer out there in New Jersey, make sure you zero in, on a reputed dealer. And he needs to give you a fair price for the vehicle and not cut corners on account of incomplete documentation or whatsoever reasons.
Grab a cool quote for your junk car and get going!