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Money4Vehicle’s exquisite platform of instant cash for junk cars is well-known and well acknowledged by majority of the US citizens. Our technique of buying your cars is very exclusive as we strive to provide you some of the best deals around, when you come round to cleaning your garage and want to make a few bucks for it. Unlike some others, we are always willing to buy quality vehicles whatever the make or model, foreign or local, running or not; we will offer our services to you at your doorstep within 24 hours. We bring forward a simple procedure for you all to follow that comprises only 4 steps.
Four Simple Steps
  • Submit your car’s information online or over a phone call and receive prompt quote from us.
  • After receiving the quote from us, accept our proposal so that we can continue with the rest of information collection, required to finalize the deal.
  • Then we’ll be at your place to tow away your vehicle or if you want to deliver it to us yourself, you can freely do so.
  • Lastly, get instant cash for your junk car in your hands, either by the driver of our towing truck, or it can be mailed to your home address. You can also collect it from our store.
The big question you must be pondering over is as to why trust Money4Vehicle when there are so many other options available as well. Rest assured and read further to know us personally before choosing someone else.
Cash for Junk Cars

Why Money4Vehicle?
  1. First and foremost that would interest you for sure is that we bid the highest prices for good cars and you won’t find better quotes than ours.
  2. The procedure of selling your car is very simple and easy that involves no complications.
  3. We tow vehicles for free, which are in our towing zones.
  4. You will get a relief by selling away your unwanted car and freeing your garage or driveway within no time at all.
  5. Not just that, but on top of it you’ll get cash for junk car, you didn’t want to keep anymore.
  6. We recycle vehicles in an environment-friendly way and by trading your car to us; you’ll be contributing towards preserving a safer community.
  7. We also sell of the functioning parts of your vehicles to potential customers.
  8. The remaining metal is used to create new steel merchandises and equipment.
  9. With the process of recycling, we all strive towards creating a better environment since industries then consume fewer raw materials, which in turn save natural energy resources like water and minerals.
  10. As for harmful fluids and hazardous materials in vehicles, we make sure to remove them safely beforehand.
       About Us
After going through all our goals and achievements, you must have got a complete insight into our extensive and reliable program of our dealings with our customers and their vehicles. We are indeed the largest company of salvaged vehicle selling and buying located in New Jersey, New York and Florida. We bargain our clients with exceptional deals over selling and buying of used cars and their parts. No other company will offer you higher quote than us because we excel in the cash for junk cars platform.
You can now relax and feel stress-free because we are here to take care of your troubles and at the same time provide you with quick ways of making money by acquiring cash for junk cars.