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Junk cars are developing into an ever increasing complication for the U.S government as the number of junk cars abandoned, rise every year. Due to the upsurge in population and thus in escalation of junk car users, it is getting problematic and more complex day by day to handle this situation in a seamless and concise manner.
Public backed junk car removal programs are arduous and costly, so any struggle made to dampen junk car desertions will be valuable. Scholastic programs, clean-up operations, and law making abandonment illegal, appear to hold the utmost capacity in maintaining the figure of junk cars at the lowest.
People who junk cars are usually poor. They forsake a junk car because they cannot pay for it to get mended or have it hauled to a junkyard. Abandonment is the least expensive alternate.
Fines may not be helpful because the difficulty of locating the possessor of an abandoned junk car becomes impossible. In New York and in many other states as well, records do not tally junk car serial numbers with their owners. In New Jersey, when holders of abandoned junk cars are accosted, they assert that they had sold their junk car already. Since the state law entails the consumer of a junk car to record the bill of sale, the police are then powerless to ascertain the actual holder.
Agreed, the current market for auto scrap, learning platforms and legal forfeits appear questionable to eradicate abandonments, communal organizations must be organized to regulate junk car removal programs.

Confiscation from Civic Estate: 
 Though junk car removal programs do vary from one another, in Washington, D.C, junk car removal act is instigated by the police department.

Abandoned Cars A Big Dilemma in the US
The junk cars regarded as illegitimately parked and marked with transportation defilement notices, are towed to a confiscating plot and detained for 60 days. If they are not  claimed inside this time, they are sold at public auctions.
In New York, the public health sector confiscates vehicles on instructions from the police. If the junk car is useless, it is sent straight to an area where it is dumped. If it has scrap value, it is kept in a possession for 30 days and then sold at open sale.
Confiscation from Personal Estate:
 Leaving behind junk cars on private property is controlled in pretty much identical way as on public property. In Washington, D.C., a landlord can be impeached for parting with his abandoned vehicle on his property, long enough to develop into a health menace. He is disciplined to a $50 a day fine, for every day the junk car lingers on his property, after the notice of removal is given.
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